Services Provided

Food should be your first choice in healing! Herbs are a form of food, and they have the ability to bring your body back into balance. In nature, there are plants that when used correctly,  will support, balance, and help the body recover from any disease we may experience. Living in harmony with nature and using what was readily provided for us creates the perfect partnership and design for health.    

I have had the pleasure of witnessing many medical miracles over the last 24+ years. Many cases I've seen were diagnosed as incurable. Your body is an amazing machine that can and will heal, given the correct nutrients and love. Herbs Work!  

​​​Iridology is the science and study of your Iris (colored part) of the eye. Your Iris represents a genetic blueprint and offers information about your inherent strengths and weaknesses. You cannot see specific diseases in the Iris, but you can see areas in the body that are prone to either being over or underactive.  It is one of the tools I use to help create personalized health programs for my clients. I also use tongue and fingernail analysis as well as muscle testing ( a form of kinesiology) to create personalize health programs for my clients. The eyes are the window to the soul, and so much more! 

Reiki is a form of energy work that helps you clear blockages and limitations that prevent you from living your life fully. Reiki works on your physical, emotional, and spiritual body and supports you where you need it most.  

The technique is a gentle placement of hands, on specific points on your body. Reiki is performed while you're fully clothed, laying on a massage table. 
No two Reiki sessions are alike, and everyone's experience is a little different, ranging from complete relaxation and peace to intense visions and out of body experiences.  

​Reiki is an amazing tool that can be used alone or in conjunction with other healing modalities. I have found it especially supportive when combined with herbal programs and used for chronic health challenges.  

The Symptom is NOT the Disease!


​​The Wild Flower "Nature's Alternative" is dedicated to teaching you how to live a life free from dis-ease and pain. ​Awareness and knowledge are the foundation of our services. We will not waste time or money chasing symptoms, but instead find and address the root cause of your condition. When you learn how to nourish your body, manage stress, and engage your mind - your health naturally becomes a priority!  The result is healing, happiness, and a renewed passion for life! 


Herbal Nutrition 

​​​This statement is my favorite way to explain the principles of natural healing.  When I began to understand the truth and recognized the way, our body protects and defends itself from disease, my perceptions of health and healing begin to shift. Before I learned these principles, my diet was mostly fast and processed foods. I depended on caffeine, nicotine, and sugar for energy.   I was prone to depression and anxiety and suffered from frequent headaches. I often experienced joint pain, year-round allergies, chronic illness, acne/boils, acid-reflux, constipation, and mood swings. I suffered from chronic fatigue and was barely surviving.  

Dis-ease is often a gentle nudge or in my case a hard push designed to get our attention - to wake us up. When disease occurs, it can be the beginning of a deep awakening that will often lead to some pretty profound realizations and transformations. When you learn to listen to your body, you will find an opportunity and an invitation to dig deep and discover underlying beliefs that you may not be unaware of.  These beliefs may not only be the source of your physical health challenges but permeate every aspect of your life, more than often in negative ways.  

 I began to practice natural healing, and my body responded quickly!  I applied the principles to my health issues. I changed the way I ate and discovered new ways to identify my emotions, so I began to manage stress effectively. I started taking herbs to support and nourish my body and learned about cleansing and the importance of detoxification. Do you know that scientists have identified close to 300 different environmental toxins in the umbilical cords of newborn babies? That seems impossible, but it's true! We are exposed to hundreds of toxins every day. Unfortunately, the toxicity levels are much higher today than in the '90s when I first began learning about them. I studied meditation and other techniques that supported me in positive ways. I learned how to use essential oils and flower essence to support my emotional body and help alleviate stress and tension.  

The more I learned, the more passionate I became to share this information and support other people change their lives by turning around their health through natural healing! My story and transformation is the catalyst for my healing career.  I am enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge and experience with others, so they can transform their lives and create abundant health and happiness for life!

​​By allowing yourself to be fully recognized, you will experience freedom from disease and pain. When your Mind - Body & Spirit work in harmony together - the outcome is always happiness, peace, and enthusiasm for living a life that you love!