The Wildflower
"Natures Alternative"

Iris Sign:
Bowel Pockets
Observe: Small, pit-like lesions on inner border of autonomic nerve wreath.
Indicates: Small, pouch-like sacs or diverticula in the bowel wall containing slow transit fecal matter, wich contributes to many toxicity symptoms in the body.

Iris Sign:
Absorption Ring
Observe: Pupillary margin at the innermost portion of the iris.
Indicates: Efficiency of the gastrointestinal nutrient absorption ability. The absorption difficulty is represented by the degree of darkness. 

Iris Sign: Miasmic or Murky Eye
Observe: Dull, overcast, causing a distortion of true iris color.
Indicates: Toxic settlement in the body on a systemic level, being all pervasive.

Iris Sign:
Overacid Stomach
Observe: Intense whiteness in the stomach ring. When ring is whiter than any other portion of the iris.
Indicates: An excess of hydrochloric acid. Associated with burping, belching and heartburn.