The Wildflower
"Natures Alternative"
Client Testimonials

I highly recommend The Wild Flower. After seven weeks of traditional medical treatment for a broken foot this year my x-rays showed 0 percent healing. Discouraged, I spoke with Amira at the Wild Flower and she urged me to try a three-week regimen of natural supplements before considering surgery. After three weeks x-rays showed 70 percent healing - I kid you not. And, of course, three weeks later the bone was completely healed. Even if you're a bit of a skeptic, at least give The Wild Flower a will not regret it!

- Joni Inman, Golden, CO

Amira's ability to correctly identify underlying causes of dis-ease and insightfully implement a course of action to address and remedy her clients' situations has been proven time and time again. Her experience and knowledge are vast, and her herbal supplement products are potent and pure (discriminatorily sourced for highest quality ingredients, non-GMO, every batch tested for purity and potency, and 3rd party tested and verified). You receive the best of both worlds when you work with Amira: amazing products that help your body heal and maintain its health paired with Amira's caring insights and knowledge to artfully and precisely develop an individualized regimen to restore you to health. I have worked with Amira personally and have recommended her to my clients, friends, and family members over the past years, and I highly recommend her to you.

- Wendy Norfolk, Golden, CO

Amira Watters has helped MANY people I know (including myself) regain their health on a daily basis and when facing serious health challenges. The wealth of knowledge Amira possesses is truly never ending and the accuracy of the practice she recommends demands quick results! I HIGHLY recommend her services if you are looking to regain your maximum health in 2017 and beyond! Live your best life by learning how to embrace your best health with the support of the Wildflower, Nature's Alternative, Amira Watters.   

 - Laura Stewart, Highland Ranch,CO

Amira Watters absolutely changed my life!! The education and health support she gave me helped me to stop a downward spiral of stress and fatigue. More importantly, when my oldest child was born, it was her education that I should look for causes rather than treating symptoms that empowered me to look for answers when he was heading towards liver failure at 5 months old. Without her wisdom, support, and compassion my now 12 year old, totally healthy son would have had severe and life long health challenges. I am forever grateful for her!!

 - Jodi Parker, Castle Rock, CO

I have been working with Amira and The Wild Flower 'Nature's Alternative for many years. She has helped me create a healthier, happier body!
 - Marsha Webb, Thornton, CO

Amira is incredibly knowledgeable in her trade and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend working with her for all things health for humans and even pets. I hand out her card constantly for any kind of health related conversations I come across. :)

- Samantha Davis. Arvada CO

Amira has been my trusted wellness counselor for the last seven years and I appreciate her knowledge and interest in wellness products.  I am always comfortable with Amira’s recommendations for my ultimate health.”

 -Amy Sherman

"Amira cleaned out our cupboards and even our bathroom products and it made all the difference in the world. I feel great and haven't slept this good in years!"

-Daniel James, Broomfield,CO 

"Will health care being a leading issue in today's economic environment, it is good to know a professional who specializes in natural living solutions to every day problems. Amira approaches her work with insight, experience, concepts that are healing and a refreshing change from traditional medicines."

-Nancy Crego

Amira got me started on Thai-Go -- what a drink and it's delicious taboot.  I found that Amira was right on when doing the iridology -- I didn't have to tell her what was wrong with me.  The products she uses -- mostly Nature's Sunshine, do bring sunshine into my life.  Thanks Amira!

 - Karen Harford

I have known and worked with Amira for a number of years now and would like to share how much she has helped me. When we met I was working full time, wife and mother of two kids, one who is developmentally disabled. My life was very stressful and my health had suffered. Amira helped me by creating a plan for my individual needs and it's amazing how much better I feel. I am in a much healthier and happier place in my life. Thank you Amira!

 -Nancy Crandall

My entire family has benefited greatly from Amira. She has worked with us on life threatening conditions to general health issues. Her insight and caring ability allows her to rapidly connect with the root problem and not just the symptom. I highly recommend Amira and encourage anyone to see her sooner than later.

 -Gary Barnes

Amira's wellness knowledge is beyond your imagination. Her love, dedication and commitment for her patients makes a BIG difference. She helped me on many stages of my life going from chronic menstrual pain to digestion problems. I not only I go to her regularly but I have also referred her to many of my  friends.

 - Veronica Ferro

I have worked with Amira for about the past 10 years and can say Amira truly has a heart for helping people.  During her consultations, not only does she take the time to really listen to needs and concerns but she will also take her personal time to do additional research and to follow up with her clients.  Amira has a wealth of knowledge and has been extremely helpful for me in my walk of healing.  I am truly grateful to have found her.

 - Carrie Fajardo