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I discovered the world of natural healing in 1992.  At that time, I was experiencing a whole myriad of symptoms without ever being diagnosed with a specific disease.   My symptoms included chronic respiratory infections, year round allergies, heartburn and indigestion, constipation, low blood sugar, chronic fatigue, sinusitis, headaches, joint stiffness and pain, PMS, depression, irritability and mood swings and this was on a good day! I took antibiotics monthly, decongestants daily and several OTC drugs as needed -  chasing symptoms.  I just wanted to "feel good" again!   It seemed the more medication I took, the worse I felt and my symptoms were becoming more frequent and more severe.  

Every single choice I made was contributing to my chronic symptoms and failing health!

My diet consisted of processed foods.  My definition of home cooking was opening boxes, cans and frozen foods.  I ate fast foods often and had major sugar cravings. I drank a 12 pack of diet soda daily and these came after I had a pot of coffee in the morning to "get going". I was also a chain smoker, who didn't exercise and was constantly challenged by my inner critic.  If you can relate to any of this - there is a solution!  Please keep reading....

The turning point came when  I was invited to attend a class about natural healing and herbal nutrition.  During that class I learned the most basic concept of holistic health:
 "The symptom is not the disease".

There is an undeniable connection between Mind, Body & Spirit.  That connection is becoming more widely recognized  and accepted in our society and can be the number one factor determining how you experience health or disease.  I am passionate about helping people and feel blessed to have witnessed hundreds of  people transform not only their health, but also their lives.

Imagine living  a life that is free of  pain and disease.  Imagine waking up daily feeling happy, healthy and grateful to be alive!  I believe in You and your ability to learn new habits, create a new paradigm and choose a lifestyle that supports and fosters the experience you desire.  You pick the goals - I help you achieve them!

In 1997,  I graduated from the Tree of Light Institute, with honors as a Certified Herbalist and Master of Holistic Healing.  I regularly attend advanced health training's and conferences and keep up with current trends and scientific research, centered on natural healing methods.  I love herbs and teaching people about their amazing healing properties and how to use them. Herbs in their natural form can easily return our bodies to a state of balance and health!  

 I am committed to making a difference in the world by empowering each person I work with to take charge of their health and redirect their lives to match the life they want to live.

ave a Happy Healthy Day!

- Amira Watters